Three Reasons Gen Z Professionals Excel In Sales

They may be the new ones at the office, but those in Generation Z—those born between 1997 and 2012—already have solid skills that can help them succeed in sales. This up-and-coming generation of talent has grown up using screen-based technology and they know how to balance online and in-person interactions, both key skills during the pandemic.

Bestselling author Cherilynn Castleman says Gen Z professionals are already ahead of the curve in many ways. If you are thinking about recruiting more Gen Z sales reps, read on. In this issue of Promotional Consultant Today, we share Castleman’s thoughts on why this generation has what it takes to thrive in modern sales.

  1. They know technology. Gen Z professionals are comfortable with it all: smartphones, social media, new apps. For most of their lives, they have had all the information they need right at their fingertips. This can help them succeed in sales, according to Castleman, because staying current on products, companies, trends and issues, is key to building a successful career in the field. Gen Z sales reps know how to quickly access information on prospects, allowing them to fast-track a major portion of research and knowledge development.
  2. They have boundless creativity. Sales professionals should be creative, and Gen Z has already demonstrated that they are an innovative and forward-thinking generation. Castleman says that this next generation of sales professionals is not tethered by traditional or conventional norms. They also want to expand their horizons, with most Gen Z professionals staying with a company for just three years. Sales leaders can leverage this by giving Gen Z sales reps room to grow and opportunities to develop their skills.
  3. They are excellent relationship-builders. Succeeding in sales often comes down to an ability to establish authentic relationships. Castleman points out that technology has enabled Gen Zers to share their experiences more broadly, form more varied relationships and understand others, and perhaps with less judgment. Because people of this generation know how to build connections with others, this can often lead to stronger client relationships, shortened sales cycles and increased deal sizes.

The next generation of professionals holds great promise. These digital natives bring new perspectives and views, and they have a keen ability to establish relationships with other people. The challenge for sales leaders now is how to harness the talent that Gen Z brings and create a work culture that inspires them to want to stay.

Compiled by Audrey Sellers

Source: Cherilynn Castleman is the chief learning officer for Sistas In Sales and the managing partner/executive coach for CGI. Castleman is the bestselling author of What’s In the CARDS? 5 Post Pandemic Sales Strategies.

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