September 4 may be one of the year’s most joyful days — it’s Eat an Extra Dessert Day. When treating yourself is the theme of the day, places like ice cream parlors, popsicle shops and bakeries can entice consumers to enjoy an extra sweet treat. Logoed items at the end are the icing on top.

So, what kind of desserts do people crave? In the United States, the most popular treats include cupcakes, brownies, doughnuts and chocolate chip cookies, according to Taste Atlas. Around the world, some of the most crave-worthy desserts include mochi, crème brûlée, tiramisu and churros.

In this issue of Promotional Consultant Today, we’re sharing a few promotional products to celebrate one of the sweetest days on the calendar: Eat an Extra Dessert Day.

Plan For This Promo:

What: Eat an Extra Dessert Day

When: September 4

Melt In Your Mouth

Freshly baked with just a handful of ingredients (including real pecan chips), these Decadent Vanilla Pecan cookies send a delectable message of appreciation to customers or employees. The cookies are packed in reusable, air-tight canisters to ensure maximum freshness and give a brand long-lasting exposure.

Sofia’s Cookies / PPAI 481271, S1 /

Create Your Own Confection

The DIY (Dough-It-Yourself) Kit makes a delightful gift for Eat an Extra Dessert Day. The kit includes two 12-ounces canisters of cookie dough, three mini toppings and a single spoon inside a custom gift box.

Edoughable / PPAI 796322, S1 /

Brownie Points

Businesses of all kinds can stand out with the Touch Box of Chocolate Chip Brownies. Each customized box contains four fresh-baked, preservative-free brownies. The brownie batter is hand-mixed and then sprinkled with milk and white chocolate chips and Georgia pecan pieces.

Fresh Beginnings, LLC / PPAI 111989, S4 /

Seconds Please

The Double Mini Gift Pack fits right in with Eat an Extra Dessert Day. This kit includes two eight-ounce canisters of sweet and salty treats. Surprise employees with them at team meetings or give them as just-because gifts.

Funky Chunky / PPAI 558701, S4 /

Get The Scoop

Treat clients, suppliers or vendors to Gourmet Ice Cream delivered right to their door. Each gift includes a customized aluminum ice cream scoop packaged in a gift box with a redemption card and instructions on how to order their ice cream.

Maple Ridge Farms, Inc. / PPAI 114165, S8 /

Compiled by Audrey Sellers