Four Tips To Make Your Mark After A Promotion

You’ve put in the hard work, gotten the results and made a name for yourself. Now, you’ve been promoted to a more senior role. After you celebrate the good news, it’s time to think about how you’re going to succeed in your new job. You may be tempted to dive in headfirst, especially if you’ve been with your company for several years. However, Shedden Reign, a content writer at ResumeCroc, recommends thinking about your goals—both short and long-term—before moving into this new chapter.

If you just landed a promotion, keep reading this issue of Promotional Consultant Today. We share Reign’s suggestions on how to make the most of your achievement and start off on the right foot.

1. Slow down. Sure, you’re excited about your new job, but it’s important not to move too quickly. You should take time to understand the new position and what your boss requires from you, says Reign. Instead of immediately changing old processes and accepting every request that comes your way, slow down. Give yourself time to adjust to the position so you can better understand your team’s challenges. Reign says it’s also important not to try and prove yourself by making quick decisions. Get acclimated and adjust to team dynamics first.

2. Ask for help. Another great way to make your mark in a new role is to seek guidance from your colleagues and direct reports (if you have them). You don’t need to have it all figured out, and no one expects you to know everything right away. Reign suggests surrounding yourself with people in similar roles and soaking up as much knowledge from them as possible. You may not want to ask for help, but it’s better to reach out to someone than stumble along or get stuck on something. Reign advises scheduling one-on-one meetings with your new colleagues to understand how you will work together. The idea, he says, is to make them feel that you’re a positive partner and care about their perspective.

3. Get to know your new colleagues. If your promotion means you will be managing a team of people, take time to get to know them. You can do this by setting up individual meetings to learn about your employees and how they work best. These one-on-one meetings also help you establish bonds, Reign says. You want your team members to know that you are on their side so that they will begin to trust you. According to Reign, a good rule of thumb as you get to know your team members: Speak less and listen more.

4. Step outside of your comfort zone. When you land a promotion, you will have to get comfortable outside of your comfort zone. This is a new role with different expectations. While you may feel stressed and overburdened at first, remember that these feelings will ease as you learn your new job.

Earning a promotion is a big step in your career. You can make sure you start this new chapter of your professional life by taking it slow. Learn what’s expected from you and take time to visit with your colleagues and direct reports. Understand that there will be a learning curve but know that the stress of starting a new job won’t last forever. With the right approach, you’ll make a positive impression on your new team members and set yourself up for a fulfilling new journey.

Compiled by Audrey Sellers

Source: Shedden Reign is a content writer at ResumeCroc.

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