Five Uncommon Sales Prospecting Techniques To Use Now

Sales prospecting is a crucial but challenging part of the sales process. In past decades, cold calling was typically enough to keep your sales pipeline full. That is not the case anymore. It seems to be even more difficult to get in touch with potential buyers, to stand out and to land more meetings.

If you keep relying on the same prospecting techniques, whether that’s cold calling or attending networking events to connect with decision-makers, you could be missing out on lucrative opportunities. To succeed in the new sales environment, you cannot do what you have always done, says Ago Cluytens, practice director for EMEA at RAIN Group and a B2B sales thought leader.

In this issue of Promotional Consultant Today, we share five of Cluytens’ sales prospecting techniques that you probably have not tried yet but are definitely worth implementing.

1. Learn how to use video. When you incorporate video into your email, you automatically make it more intriguing. You do not need to do anything fancy and you do not need any expensive set-up. Simply look into the camera, introduce yourself, educate on something and share a helpful resource, says Cluytens. You will be surprised at the number of leads that begin to move down your sales funnel just by using video in your sales prospecting efforts.

2. Leverage your losses. Cluytens recommends reflecting on the last five to 10 deals you did not close. For example, if you lost to a competitor, you can find out what the competitor did to win the deal. You could also potentially turn things around if the initial timing was not right. And, Cluytens says, in most cases you can generate referrals by asking “Who else in your network can you think of who could use some help with …”

3. Establish alliances with non-competing competitors. Your clients and prospects have many other services and products being pitched to them. When you can create alliances with these other businesses, you get some major benefits, including the number of people you can network with and sell to, says Cluytens. By creating alliances, you also expand your circle of trust—those people who know you and value your work.

4. Host a CEO luncheon. Cluytens notes that people love to be around professionals who are like them—or who they aspire to be. To make this sales prospecting strategy work, tackle the three Ps:

  • Presence: The group must be small and comprised of senior-level attendees
  • Packaging: The luncheon must feel and sound exclusive
  • Positioning: The event must combine lunch/dinner with big questions, says Cluytens.

With this technique, you are not blasting your sales message but rather allowing attendees to get to know each other while getting to know you. This is an opportunity to hear the problems that CEOs face while building relationships.

5. Ask for an introduction. Before meeting a business contact or former colleague for lunch, make a simple request: “Hey. Since I’m going to be in your part of town, would you mind introducing me to your [boss/CEO/VP of sales]? I have been meaning to reach out to them …” Cluytens says your objective is simply to get introduced, get contact details and establish a next step.

If you want to refresh your sales prospecting techniques, try the ideas above. You might be surprised at how well these uncommon strategies work for you and your sales team.

Compiled by Audrey Sellers

Source: Ago Cluytens is practice director for EMEA at RAIN Group and a recognized global B2B sales thought leader on understanding the buyer’s perspective in sales, insight selling and selling to the C-suite.

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Swire Ho
August 25, 2020
Love the ideas. Also build a power team with companies who serve mutual clients. For a promotional product distributor a power partner might be digital marketing & ad agencies, mailing & fulfillment, graphic design or even a business coach.
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