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Increase Efficiency, Innovation With Micro-Blogging

      Enterprise micro-blogging is a great tool for increasing operational efficiency, fostering collaboration, and promoting open innovation. Some companies have even found that it reduces travel and meeting expenses and creates a unified workforce, even when people are located in … Read More »

Boost Productivity With Enterprise Micro-Blogging

      Most business people are accustomed to using e-mail and instant messaging at work. While those communication methods are indeed useful, they have their limitations. That’s why more and more companies are turning to enterprise micro-blogging as an additional internal … Read More »

An Honorable Profession

     Being a sales professional should be something a person is proud of and should not try to disguise it with names like “problem solver.” A sales professional may consult with a prospective customer and solve their problems, but they … Read More »

Create Likeability, Trust And Influence

     Customers don’t like to be sold a product or service. In fact, if you ask, the majority will say they made the decision to purchase – not that you sold it to them. It may seem like a matter … Read More »

Become An Expert In Helping Clients Make Decisions

        “Everybody likes to buy things but no one likes to be sold” is not a new expression, but what does it really mean? Does it mean that people don’t likes sales professionals or that they don’t want a … Read More »

Take Time To Plan For The Unexpected

       The essential challenge of effective time management is to spend more of our time doing those things which bring us the best results, and less of those things that don’t bring us results.      So we struggle, every … Read More »

Start New Year With Better Skills

       Relegate rusty sales skills to days of Auld Lang Syne. It’s 2010, and time to remember one of the most important sales tenets: follow-up.      What does follow-up have to do with writing right? Everything.      This week … Read More »

Grab Your Clients At “Hello”

       No one likes to wait. The suspense felt waiting for the famous ball to drop and signal the New Year’s arrival isn’t a welcome guest in your collateral.      Your prospects and customers are more demanding than the … Read More »

Looking For Value In All The Right Spaces

       Ring in the new business year determined to improve customer service by writing right.      How can your writing skills impact customer service? Writing right gives your customers a real value-add: pointed tips to assure their promotional products … Read More »

Many Happy Returns From Your Writing

       Resolutions rarely last, so why make them?      Instead, focus on your business: Get your bottom line in order by committing to more clear, more results-based communications.      Sound daunting? It’s not. You can start the year right … Read More »

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