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Embrace Challenges And Change

     Everyone faces challenges. Even positive experiences can present you with challenges. For example, a new position brings new responsibilities and sometimes new headaches. A new love interest poses the challenge of learning compromise with another person when you’re used … Read More »

Use Your Blog To Grow Your Business

     When talking about blog marketing it’s important to make a couple of distinctions. The first is using a blog to help to market your website. In this perspective, the blog is mainly used as a traffic generating strategy. Your … Read More »

Leverage Your Blog To Attract New Prospects

Leverage Your Blog to Attract New Prospects      There are more than 200 million active blogs, and three fourths of the people who use the internet read blogs. So what’s all of the hype and why should you care?      … Read More »

Blogs: Fresh Content Is The New King

     You might have heard the saying “Content is King.” This idea is now updated, because fresh content is the new king.      According to Technorati’s State of the Blogosphere series, more than 900,000 blogs are posted every 24 hours. … Read More »

Your Sales Secret: A Dazzling (and Workable) Website

     If you do business online, your website is your storefront. You would clean up any trash or clutter in a brick-and-mortar store, so shouldn’t you do your best to ensure your web store is clean, dazzling and easy to … Read More »

Prepare For The Unexpected

     It isn’t something we’d like to think about, but what if you lost everything in a natural disaster and had no proof of your assets, no access to your insurance paperwork, and no money for immediate needs.      Realize … Read More »

Disaster-Proof Your Personal, Business Information

Disaster-Proof Your Personal, Business Information       Hurricanes, floods, fires, terrorist attacks — the list of possible disasters is endless. Should something catastrophic and unforeseen happen to your home, are your financial records and personal information safe? For most people, the … Read More »

Get Your Company Name In The News

      Good public relations starts with getting to know the editors and analysts who cover your industry      Since many editors do not like to get phone calls, introduce yourself by letter or e-mail. Respect the editor’s time. He or … Read More »

Planning Is Key To Balancing Career, Personal Life

     The people who accomplish more than the average person don’t have any more stamina than the rest of us.      If you were to question them, you would find a common denominator: They prepare a written plan each day … Read More »

Five Steps To Get Your Career In High Gear

     Want to get your business or career into high gear? Look first at the top line on a profit and loss statement — revenue is the engine that drives all businesses. What’s the best way to add value and … Read More »

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