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A Bucket Or A Pipeline: It’s Your Choice

  A Bucket Or A Pipeline: It’s Your Choice          Is your business a bucket brigade or a “pipeline to profits”? A bucket brigade is a business that spends too much time in fighting fires and crisis management. A bucket … Read More »

Networking: It’s An Overlooked Opportunity

      Networking is by far the most essential skill for building a sales career — and the one most often overlooked. Networking opportunities exist everywhere — business meetings, professional associations, alumni groups, sports groups, community groups, weddings, parties and any … Read More »

Stirring The Sales Pot

     Cooking and selling have many things in common. You are always working with a variety of ingredients to create the desired end result. You turn the heat up or down. You let things simmer to achieve perfection. But, this … Read More »

Do You Rate An A+ In Customer Service?

     Rendering exceptional customer service is both a responsibility and a smart business decision. Unfortunately, far too many salespeople view customer service as an administrative burden that takes them away from making a sale. The truth is, providing quality customer … Read More »

What Do You Do For A Living?

     How often are you asked, “What do you do for a living?” What’s your answer? “I sell promotional products.” Does this lead to more questions, or are you greeted with a nod of the head, or even silence?          … Read More »

Time Is Money

       In the selling profession, the old cliché — time is money — rings true. If you are not talking to a prospect or customer, you’re not earning your commission.      How effectively do you manage your time? Do … Read More »

An Educated Guess Or Intuition?

     Ask a successful person what process he or she uses when making decisions, creating new ideas and strategies or knowing what to say to get people to take action, and one answer you’ll hear is intuition. Called by other … Read More »

Press On Through Challenges To Reach Your Goal

We all have challenges to overcome. While some people have what seem like bigger mountains to climb, all our efforts are equally rewarding once we reach our goal.  The human spirit is powerful beyond comprehension. Decide to start taking steps … Read More »

Costly Mistakes To Avoid

Costly Mistakes To Avoid       There are certain selling mistakes committed repeatedly, by both veteran salespeople as well as new hires. Here are five of the biggest.     1. Unprepared. How many salespeople have a written outline of what they expect … Read More »

Don’t Bring A Knife To A Gun Fight

Don’t Bring A Knife To A Gun Fight          I’d spent months developing a relationship with a major prospect prior to a multi-million RFP being issued. Ten potential vendors would be whittled down to two and my relationship with the … Read More »

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