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How To Spring Clean Your Mind – March 26, 2015

Have you listened to your mind lately? If yours is like most people’s, it’s noisy in there. Fortunately, it’s possible to create some semblance of order of all of those voices and demands you must filter and address on a daily basis. Promotional Consultant Today shares these tips from life coach Sonia Summers on how to spring clean your mind. Read More »

How To Spring Clean Your Business – March 25, 2015

How much time do you spend cleaning your business—including cleaning out your computer files, website or social networks? Promotional Consultant Today shares these tips from blogger Ali Rittenhouse to tidy things up. Read More »

Marketing: Finding Your Niche – March 24, 2015

Promotional Consultant Today shares insight into niche marketing―a way to take control over your sales funnel and increase both marketing ROI and sales success. Read More »

Five Ways To Get Creative – March 23, 2015

Promotional Consultant Today shares these tips from Sketchfab for keeping our creative juices flowing, a critical component to innovation. Read More »

Start Your Day With Mise-En-Place

Just like you need to start your physical day with a nutritious breakfast, Harvard Business Review author Ron Friedman, Ph.D., suggests starting your workday much like famous chefs― with a focus on mise-en-place. Read More »

10 Signs Of A Great Leader – March 19, 2015

Promotional Consultant Today shares these 10 signs of great leadership skills in today’s business environment. Read More »

Building Effective Teams – March 18, 2015

Promotional Consultant Today shares these key attributes of leadership that are important when managing an effective team that is focused on quality results. Read More »

Branding 101 – March 17, 2015

Promotional Consultant Today asks you to consider these important questions about branding and the brutally honest answers that could help you sell more and save money. Read More »

What You Need to Know About C-Level Decision Makers – March 16, 2015

C-level decision makers are paid to improve their business results. Regardless of how the media portrays these executives, their primary concern is to improve their business. This includes increasing sales, market share and customer loyalty; reducing costs, errors or employee turnover and improving productivity, employee engagement and customer service. How does your product, service or solution address one of these issues? Learn more in this issue of Promotional Consultant Today. Read More »

The Power Of Influence, Part 2 – March 13, 2015

Yesterday and today, Promotional Consultant Today is sharing six key principles of influence that can help you persuade others in the decision-making process. Read More »

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