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Top Ten Steps To Succession Planning – May 28, 2015

If you’ve kept up with the news lately—online, on TV or in print—you’ve known for some time about last week’s departure of nighttime talk show king David Letterman. He announced he was stepping down more than a year ago, giving the network plenty of time to determine his successor as well as allowing him and his team time to plan the best way to exit the stage. In short, he had a succession plan in place. In honor of Letterman, Promotional Consultant Today shares this top 10 list for succession planning in your business Read More »

Strategic Leaders Focus On The Vision – May 27, 2015

In this issue, Promotional Consultant Today shares an important method that will help you approach work in a way that is more efficient and provides better outcomes. It’s called focus management. Read More »

What Excuse Is Holding You Back? – May 26, 2015

In this issue of Promotional Consultant Today, we help you look for answers to these questions by sharing the top five excuses from the book Intelligence is Overrated — What You Really Need to Succeed by author Keld Jensen. Read More »

Job Skills To Prepare For The Future – May 22, 2015

Blogger Scott Dockweiler shared a recent infographic that suggested work skills we’ll need in the year 2020. Promotional Consultant Today is passing along this short list of some of those skills. Read More »

Play It Forward – May 21, 2015

Is fun incorporated into the culture of your organization, from the top down? In positive environment, this characteristic can take your performance level over the top. Promotional Consultant Today shares these benefits of a fun work culture. Read More »

Four Ways To Motivate Employees – May 20, 2015

Have you ever invested in an employee through salary, perks and training, only to continue to get mediocre results? That reaction could be from the fact the employee is emotionally detached. You’ve given the employee perks, but you haven’t addressed his or her needs. To get the best out of someone, you need to coach and empower your employees to greatness. Here’s how this issue of Promotional Consultant Today. Read More »

Five Critical Leadership Mistakes, Part 2 – May 19, 2015

Have you ever quit a job? If so, what was the reason? Low pay? Not enough challenge? Most likely it was due to a person or group of people. Issues with other people is the leading reason why people quit their jobs. In order to avoid being the reason others leave your organization, avoid these key leadership mistakes. Read More »

Five Critical Leadership Mistakes, Part 1 – May 18, 2015

Effective leadership requires not only doing the right things, but also understanding what not to do. Today and tomorrow, Promotional Consultant Today shares these five mistakes leaders need to avoid in order to improve employee engagement. Read More »

What Bosses Should Never Say – May 15, 2015

Communication plays a key role in building that trust and respect but it must be done in the right way, as we explain in this issue of Promotional Consultant Today. Read More »

How To Keep Conversations Going After Conferences – May 14, 2015

How do the conference organizers and sponsors get visitors to part with their information so that they can follow up with them after the conference? More to the point, how they can assuage their visitors’ fears about being dumped into some massive email list? Read More »

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