The 60 Greatest Companies To Work For


This year 60 industry companies earned a spot on our list of the Greatest Companies To Work For. It wasn’t an easy feat for contenders but the victory was sweet.

Over the past six years this program has been one of PPB’s most popular editorial recognition programs, drawing dozens of nominations from PPAI member companies in all categories and sizes. However, this year, we turned the program upside down and used employee ratings, instead of an in-house panel, as the primary selection criteria to determine the champs.

Specifically, full-time employees at each nominated company were required to complete a confidential 12-question online survey in which they rated their company in key areas including engagement, effectiveness, leadership, ethics, pay, benefits, training and work/life balance. They also completed an open-ended question describing their workplace to a friend.

More than 100 companies were nominated in this year’s competition and more than 4,500 full-time employees were involved in the survey. A minimum percentage of completed surveys was also required from each company for qualification. When the survey closed and tallying ended, 60 companies’ scores qualified them for inclusion on the coveted list. Of those, 19 are suppliers, 39 are distributors and two are business services companies.

The size of the winning companies, categorized by numbers of employees, is diverse, ranging from five to more than 600, and company history is varied, too. The oldest company was founded in 1878; the newest is just four years old.

Overall, what these results show is that a company does not have to be large or have deep pockets to get high marks from employees. Instead, giving employees the flexibility to manage their work, operating by strong values and ethics, and showing genuine appreciation go a long, long way.

2017 PPB Greatest Companies To Work For
(In alphabetical order)

Top Micro Companies

(Fewer than 10 employees)
Ads On Magnets, LLC
Elevate Brand Marketing
Identify Yourself
MARCO Ideas Unlimited, Inc.
Plan-It Promotions
PromoMonster, Inc.
Promotional Impact/Green Giftz
Red Promotions
Sock 101

Top Small Companies
(10-25 employees)
A+ Wine Designs
Brand Fuel, Inc.
Brandinc US, Inc.
Bullpen Marketing
CE Competitive Edge, LLC
Concepts & Associates, Inc.
DistributorCentral, LLC
DRI DUCK Traders
Icon Blue, Inc.
Outstanding Branding LLC
Stowebridge Promotion Group
Tic Toc
US Flash & Technologies

Top Midsize Companies
(26-75 employees)
Attachmentville/IRIS Ltd.
Axis Promotions
Champion Awards, Inc.
Club Colors Buyer, LLC
F&E Sportswear
Greater China Industries, Inc.
Hirsch Gift, Inc.
Image Source, Inc.
Pacesetter Awards Co.
Pinnacle Designs
Talbot Marketing
Tangerine Promotions
Toddy Gear

Top Large Companies
(More than 75 employees)
American Solutions For Business
Ariel Premium, Inc.
BrandVia Alliance, Inc.
Concord Marketing Solutions
Indoff, Inc.
Myron Corporation
NewClients Promotional Marketing
Peerless Umbrella Co.
Picnic Time, Inc.
Pro Towels, Inc.
PromoShop, Inc.
Quality Resource Group, Inc.
Sunrise Identity

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