Revisit Expo Education Highlights With PPAI’s March Webinars


This month, alongside examinations of business financing and responsible sourcing, the PPAI webinar series returns to some of the highlights of the PPAI Expo 2017’s education programming.

Upcoming March webinars include:

Best Of Expo 2017: Marketing On A Shoestring
March 17, 1 pm CST

Financing Your Promotional Products Distributor or Supplier Business for Growth
March 22, 1 pm CST

Best of Expo 2017: Marketing and Building Your Distributorship
March 24, 1 pm CST

ICPHSO Annual Meeting And Training Symposium 2017
March 29, 1 pm CST

Best of Expo 2017: Hybrid Selling: How to Succeed as Online Business Grows
March 31, 1 pm CST

PPAI’s live and on-demand webinars enable industry professionals to continue their professional development anywhere, any time.

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