AAA Umbrella Co. Changes Name, Moves To Larger Offices


AAA Umbrella Co./ Satchels New York (UPIC: AAAU0001) has officially changed its name to AAA Innovations. The supplier has also relocated its headquarters to a new facility.

Jeffrey Nanus, president of AAA Innovations, says “Our company offers products in a variety of categories beyond umbrellas and bags. What sets AAA apart is that, regardless of the category, our product is unique, original, and has readily identifiable retail value. AAA Innovations is dedicated to providing product and client solutions that utilize cutting-edge design and technology. Our new name better encapsulates our mission statement and breadth of product.”

AAA Innovations has it moved its headquarters to 10 Maple Street, Norwood, New Jersey 07648. The new facility is 35 percent larger to support the business’ expansion. The company has also updated its web address to

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