Technology provider ZOOMcatalog (PPAI 396190), based in Boulder, Colorado, has launched ZOOMacademy, an educational platform designed for promotional product professionals and available at no cost. ZOOMacademy offers straight-forward, in-depth and on-demand courses focused on digital marketing and sales. Individuals who complete courses in the academy can also earn credit towards their PPAI certification.

The first three courses available in ZOOMacademy focus on building a communication plan during the pandemic, becoming a remote promotional product company and an introduction into branding. Students of the academy will decide what classes will be released next, which may include how to transition catalogs from print to digital, how to use objectives to grow a business and a complete reference guide for industry professionals.

“The ZOOMacademy is a platform we have been planning for a long time. With extensive experience in technology, sales, marketing and the promotional product industry, we have an opportunity to share our knowledge and help others in the industry grow,” says Bryony Zasman, ZOOMcatalog co-founder and chief product officer. “In response to recent events, we decided to expedite the completion and launch of the ZOOMacademy. During these unprecedented times, people in the industry find themselves with more time on their hands and are looking for ways to build their skills and prepare themselves for success once business returns to the new normal.”

In addition to the course library, ZOOMacademy also includes a talent pool. Industry professionals are invited to submit their resume and create a profile. The talent pool will be accessible to companies in the industry that are seeking new team members.

To access the ZOOMacademy and the talent pool, visit