PPAI’s affinity partner, Affinity HR Group, has produced a checklist for companies preparing for their employees to re-enter the workplace during the COVID-19 pandemic. The checklist guides businesses through a fresh look at their physical workspace, their workplace practices and their communication and training of employees to prohibit the spread of the coronavirus and keep employees and customers safe.

Affinity HR’s checklist serves to provide some ideas, resources and reminders on how to improve the level of safety and protection in your workplace. It covers an extensive range of relevant subjects, such as personal protection equipment, preparing workstations and common spaces, food safety, cleaning and maintenance, and other areas.

Experts’ understanding of COVID-19 is quickly evolving. Information is constantly being updated on the symptoms of COVID-19 and the CDC’s recommendations to government orders on social distancing, PPE use and workplace closures. Affinity HR Group recommends that employers identify all of the resources necessary on the federal (DOL, CDC, EPA, OSHA, EEOC), state, municipal and local levels (health departments, law enforcement, executive offices) in order to keep track of the virus’s impact and their obligations as employers in maintaining safe workplaces within their communities.

To review the full checklist, click here. Helpful links to the latest information on the COVID-19 outbreak, industry news as it relates to the virus, and the latest updates on PPAI events and regional event updates can be found at www.ppai.org/coronavirus-information.