Who’s Your Service Superhero? Nominations Now Open

Tell us who is providing top-shelf customer service to help you better serve your customers. If you’re lucky, you’ve found someone who goes above and beyond what’s expected—and makes you look like a star.

Nominations are now open for PPB’s annual Service Superhero recognition program. Help the editors identify those who deliver top customer service—in your company or a vendor company—even if the person is not working in a typical “customer service” role. Salespeople, owners, managers—they too can demonstrate exemplary customer service.

If you know a Service Superhero who proves again and again that service does still exist, nominate them by the deadline of August 28. If your nominee is selected, he or she will be included in a feature story in PPB’s November issue. Click here to nominate. All nominees must be employed by a PPAI member company and previous winners cannot be nominated again.

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