When Consumers Love A Product, They Are Loyal To The Brand

Brand loyalty is alive and well says a new consumer survey from Yotpo. Nearly 80 percent of the 2,000 consumers surveyed said the dominant loyalty factor was product quality and the primary reason respondents said they were loyal to a brand was because they loved the product.

The survey reports it took these consumers at least three purchases to consider themselves loyal and 37 percent said it took five purchases. In addition, 25 percent said their motivation for loyalty was great sales/deals. Surprisingly, only seven percent cited “above and beyond customer service.”

Companies want loyal customers not only for repeat sales but because it inspires brand advocates; loyal customers are also more likely to give good reviews.

The majority (67 percent) of these consumers who give feedback to a brand also expect a response within 24 hours and 26 percent want it within 12 hours. In return for their loyalty, they also want these perks, in order of preference: more discounts, free shipping, gifts/swag, custom promotions, early product access and invitations to exclusive events.

The dominant social media platform for these respondents was Facebook (45 percent), Instagram (nine percent), Twitter (seven percent), Snapchat (four percent) and Pinterest (one percent). Thirty-three percent indicated no social media brand interaction.

When asked what would motivate them to try a new brand, these were the key responses: fair pricing (64 percent), free shipping (61 percent), reviews (57 percent), friend/family word of mouth (46 percent), a great shopping experience (37 percent), loyalty perks/awards (35 percent), ads (15 percent) and influencer endorsement (four percent).

Find the full survey results here.

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