Virtual reality is on the rise while apps are slipping, according to’s 2017 Trends Report., which services the voice-over industry, surveyed creative professionals, including content creators, producers, directors, advertising executives, CEOs, business owners and freelancers in North America and identified these key findings:

  • In 2016, 48 percent of respondents said that apps weren't worth producing or relevant to their work.
  • 71 percent of creative professionals produce content in languages other than English, with approximately 21 percent of respondents indicating that in 2016, and moving into 2017, they have increased the number of bilingual scripts they are producing.
  • When creating content that will connect with a specific target audience, the majority opt for a voice actor who could sound like a peer; 73 percent want a “same age” voice.
  • Virtual reality is an emerging trend, with respondents noting an increase in requests for live streaming services, and virtual reality and 360-degree content.
  • 17 percent of professional creatives report that they are using, or are being asked to use, celebrity soundalikes less often. More than 27 percent refuse to use the strategy at all.

For the full report, “2017 Trends Report: How the North American Media and Advertising Landscape is Shifting, as told by the voice over industry,” click here.