Valenti Print Group Joins American Solutions for Business

American Solutions for Business (PPAI 101656, D12) has announced that Valenti Print Group of Honolulu, Hawaii, has joined the Glenwood, Minnesota-headquartered distributor’s team.

Valenti specializes in print and mailing services and shares many other similarities with ASB. It is also an employee-owned company founded in 1981 with a creative, family-friendly culture. The team is local to Hawaii and is a dynamic group of individuals from different cultures, nationalities and professional experiences.

“This partnership will provide us the resources to enhance and help grow the specialty products side of Valenti,” says Mary Valenti. “Joining together, our customers will benefit from a greatly expanded array of solutions to their needs.”

Valenti’s late husband, Patrick, founded the distributor, and she sees this new partnership as a way to fulfill the vision he had before falling ill—to expand the business by adding specialty products to their offering. Another major player in Valenti’s success, Scott O’Brien, has also since passed. The new partnership allows Patrick’s and Scott’s legacies to go on and grow.

“I look forward to working with ASB,” says Alex Eyre, sales executive with Valenti. “The support and kindness that I’ve felt from the ASB crew has been extremely encouraging. On top of that, the range of products and services offered by ASB is staggering.”

Despite the challenges of a global pandemic, both teams were able to facilitate the onboarding process smoothly after months of constant communication at every level.

“We’re incredibly honored to have Valenti Print Group as part of the American Family,” says Larry Zavadil, founder and CEO of American Solutions for Business. “There’s a saying that ‘if you want to go fast, go alone—if you want to go far, go together’… our plan is to be the last company standing together. It’s not often that we find another company with the same missions, values and culture—we have found that in our partnership with Valenti.”

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