The UPIC Promotional Products Credit Group will hold its next meeting January 11 in Las Vegas during The PPAI Expo 2016. The meeting allows credit professionals from industry suppliers to exchange and compare confidential, factual information about mutual customers. Registration is required.

In addition to exchanging information, the meeting provides a pipeline for professional development and networking opportunities. Previous group educational sessions have focused on numerous, diverse topics. Expert speakers have addressed topics ranging from improving time management skills to presenting the latest developments in bankruptcy law. This year’s educational session will focus on best practices in credit and collections led by Mark Borofsky of C.O.R.E. Strategies.

Membership in an industry credit group supplies companies with up-to-date, factual information to assist in making the credit decisions required on a daily basis. Beyond the valuable trade reports available to each member, the group encourages regular networking with other industry credit professionals, and produces timely benchmarking data allowing companies to see how they compare with others in their industry.

The UPIC Promotional Products Credit Group was founded in 1986 and became a PPAI partner in 2003. The group is facilitated by Forius NACM North Central, a part of the National Association of Credit Management’s nationwide network. The group’s mission is to provide credit professionals from member companies with industry specific information, credit-related best practices and networking opportunities. To learn more about the group, contact Group Manager Diane Crimmins at