The Product Responsibility Summit brings together business and compliance leaders from across the industry to discuss product responsibility issues and the business implications and challenges they face, and tackle emerging social responsibility concerns. Participants at the 2016 Summit in Washington, D.C., September 18-20, will receive version two of the PPAI Sourcing and Compliance Manual, a guide to help industry companies get their compliance programs up and running quickly and efficiently.

“The CPSC is pushing hard for companies to develop documented product responsibility policies and corrective action plans,” says Tim Brown, MAS, PPAI product responsibility manager. “Most companies do not know where to start and the thought of embarking on such a task seems too overwhelming. This manual is intended as a reference and guide in developing, and being included in, a corporate responsibility program.”

This year’s binder includes additional content that addresses all five pillars of compliance—social responsibility, environmental responsibility, product responsibility, quality and supply chain security—and features guidance and examples within each area. The manual includes best practices, compliance templates, sourcing guides, audit and corrective action guides, and resources, education and training opportunities.

Seating at the Summit is limited and fills up quickly, and housing is now open, so register today to secure a spot.