PPAI’s updated sourcing and compliance manual, designed to help industry professionals boost their product responsibility efforts, will be complimentary for attendees of the 2016 PPAI Product Responsibility Summit September 18-20 in Washington, D.C. This manual serves as a guide for getting an efficient compliance program up and running.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission urges American companies to develop documented product responsibility policies and corrective action plans, but many companies struggle with implementation. PPAI has revised its manual to be a more comprehensive reference and guide in developing a corporate responsibility program that can also be incorporated into the program for long-term use.

The manual’s material addresses the five pillars of compliance—social responsibility, product responsibility, environmental responsibility, product quality and supply chain security—and includes guidance and examples within each area. The manual also includes best practices, compliance templates, sourcing guides, audit and corrective action guides, and resources, education and training opportunities.

The manual is included with Product Responsibility Summit registration and seats are still available.