Trends In Graphic Design Are Expected To Shape Marketing In The Year Ahead

Graphic design in popular culture and marketing reflects the times in which it is created. 2022 isn’t expected to be any different and Venngage, a provider of tools for infographic creation, has identified eight trends shaped by what’s going on in the world today.

The trends Venngage expects to see in 2022 include:

1. Inclusive Design: The people featured in business collateral will represent a broader cross-section of the population. Venngage notes that greater representation in marketing materials will reach audiences that hadn’t necessarily been catered to before and draw a more diverse workforce to businesses

2. Fun Data Visualizations: Consumers are becoming more comfortable with bar charts and graphs, and businesses are turning to data visualizations more frequently to relay complex information.

3. Bold Backgrounds: On a busy social media feed, the use of more exuberant colors makes a brand’s message better stand out against the clutter.

4. Colorful Icons and Illustrations: Graphic icons often have universal meanings and can share information quickly. Implementing them with bright colors makes them better able to catch the eye.

5. Serif Fonts: A classical typeface design, serif fonts have been growing in popularity over the past year. Venngage suggests that they represent a safer, simpler time and can make it easier to trust a marketing message.

6. Brand Memes: Memes have become a fixture of online communication. Brands are turning to them because not only can they add a dash of humor to marketing messages, but they can communicate them efficiently.

7. Quotes: Brands are using quotes to give audiences a preview of what to expect from their content. The quotes can come from blogs, reports, podcasts, videos, etc.

8. Social Screencaps: Screen captures of a post on one social media channel are being shared on another. For example, a screencap of a tweet posted on Instagram.

For more on these trends and how businesses are following them, click here.

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