The Right Questions Can Shape A Resilient Business

Businesses face significant disruptions to their status quo, such as economic downturns, natural disasters and shifts in the market, among others, and how they get through these events can ultimately depend on how well management is prepared.

In the article “Building Resilient Operations,” McKinsey & Company focuses on how to respond to uncertainty. A volatile environment or event can’t always be avoided, but organizations built to be resilient are better prepared to weather challenging circumstances.

Executives looking to build resiliency within their organizations must consider three questions, according to McKinsey & Company’s article. These are:

  1. Which opportunities have been difficult to pursue due to a lack of resources or responsiveness in your organization?
  2. What are the most inflexible points in your current operations, and what are the underlying reasons for the rigidity?
  3. Where could the use of digital and analytics solutions achieve meaningful changes to the performance indicators that matter most to your organization?

For McKinsey & Company’s full article, click here.


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