Texas Suppliers Host Dallas-Area Suite Show

On Tuesday, 16 supplier reps in the Dallas, Texas, area joined together to host a suite show for distributors in the region. Taking up an entire floor of a Dallas hotel, distributor attendees were able to travel from room to room, respecting social distancing and mask requirements, to meet with and learn more from industry suppliers.

Participating supplier and multi-line reps brought more than 60 product lines to the show, which ran from 9:30 am to 2 pm. The event drew 60 distributors over its run.

“Each attendee had the opportunity to view more than 60 lines in person and in one place,” says D’Anna Zimmer, CAS, business development manager for supplier BAG MAKERS, Inc. “This is something that has not happened for many of us in Texas since last October. In fact, for the Dallas area, it was February of 2020 that marked the last big gathering. Going into the show, my hope was that we sell a lot of product and convey the sense of community that many feel has been lost.”

Exhibitor Julia Macdonald-Ward with Reisack Sales and Marketing/MLR Alliance, adds, “Our group is in for any and all cities we want to target. Loved the show! The energy, the privacy, all of you lovely people; it felt safe, affordable and productive. It was a great day!”

Organizers put together a suite show to provide better distancing among participants. Along with social distancing, masks and hand sanitizer, having attendees enter into each suite individually or in small groups allowed exhibitors wipe down products and spray disinfectant between each visit. Zimmer adds, “Personally, I have covered this event in prayer, as it is the first line of defense against the ways of this world. Having us separated and not in one ballroom helped keep everyone spread out. The Suite Show was the only way to have a group of reps in one area and have a limited number of customers in each room viewing product. The hope is that this venue gave us ample time to take precautions as each group floated between the 16 rooms.“

Shawn Naeter of Shawn Naeter and Associates, another exhibitor at the show, adds, “Just tell me when and where you want to host another and I will be there!”

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Charles B Goes... chris
February 4, 2021
Wow great idea Its the Palmer House in Chicago 1972 repackaged for the 21st century . Our Rocketline calendar products loved the suite shows with small gatherings of friends and meeting new prospects 1on 1 . No milage walking, seating in the room and adjacent room for meetings and cool beverage. reduced milage, better for suppliers and viewers alike. I would vote yes for any regional suite show.
Valerie Avila
February 4, 2021
Wow this is totally cool and impressive. Way to work against the current challenges and in such a safe manner. Great job!
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