Tariffs On $267 Billion Of Chinese Imports Could Be Announced In December

News outlets are reporting that the U.S. is preparing a fourth round of tariffs on Chinese imports if talks fail between President Trump and China’s President Xi Jinping, which is scheduled for late November at the G-20 Summit in Buenos Aires. The fourth round of tariffs would include all remaining Chinese imports and is expected to be announced in early December and go into effect around the beginning of February following a 60-day public comment period.

The current tariffs on about $250 billion in Chinese imports are at 10 percent, but are slated to rise to 25 percent on January 1, 2019. The tariffs went into effect in September and include six categories of products sold within the promotional products industry. Included in that list are bags (briefcases, leather handbags, golf bags, gun cases, gym bags, musical instrument cases, toiletry bags, wallets, purses, tool bags, sports bags, vanity cases, glasses cases, backpacks, insulated food or beverage bags, and suitcases), hats (including wool knit caps and baseball caps), notebooks (paper diaries, journals, notebooks, address books, memo pads, folders and stationery), fabrics (cotton, wool or synthetic sources and all textile inputs including yarns and fabrics) and sporting gloves (such as baseball and other gloves used in sports).

The fourth list, representing approximately $267 billion in imported products, would expand to consumer goods categories that have so far gone untouched by U.S. tariffs, such as cellphones and shoes.

PPAI is working with experts both within and outside the industry to develop tools for promotional products businesses to stay informed of, identify and navigate the tariffs and their effects. Follow PPB Newslink for more information as it becomes available. The Association also encourages industry companies to communicate with supply chain partners, clients and end users about the tariffs and their impact.

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Peter Baudouin
November 2, 2018
Betsy - I am with you on this. China has been taking the US for a ride for a long time.
Jeffrey M Hoffman
November 2, 2018
In the long run the american public will be paying for all the tariff increases. If thats leveling the playing field we're not playing the same game. Advantage China.
Keith McKenzie
November 2, 2018
"Trade wars are easy to win", just keep repeating that to yourself, when the American taxpayer is asked to bail out the farmers and hog producers, who may or may not get back their foreign buyers when this trade war ends. Americans are being taxed with these Trump Taxes, and then these tariffs go into government coffers, with some help to farmers. If the government wants to redistribute income in America, why not be upfront and say they want to tax the middle class to support their political constituents? Last year's tax cut will cost my wife and I over $ 5,000. in added taxes in 2018, with the elimination of unreimbursed business expenses and limitations on SALT. So where is the benefit to middle class American workers?
Bernie Emmons
November 1, 2018
I'm no economist, but we don't want a level playing field with promotional products and apparel, do we? We want costs to be low so clients will keep using our products in their marketing strategy. I've had several suppliers tell me they're expecting costs to go up by 20% - 25%. This won't result in your sales and profits increasing by the same percentage, because it will drive some clients to other forms of advertising, or they'll cut back on order quantities and frequency. Worse, clients will start getting competitive quotes and your margin percentages will decrease significantly to keep the business. Tariffs are a bad idea, and bad for business.
Karon Schneider
November 1, 2018
I hear you loud and clear Betsy and wholeheartedly agree with you. I firmly believe that the American people will win in the long run. Everyone is entitled to their opinion of this administration, however, the first I see encouraging members to vote Democrat, will be the last I see of this association!!
Jay Berger
November 1, 2018
Seems to me PPAI should be encouraging voting for Democrats willing to stop these tariffs. The Republicans refuse to stand up to the administration. It's obvious the government needs the money to offset the tax cuts given earlier this year. Now my ppai clients are going to have to help raise the money or cut back on their promotional product purchases.
Betsy P Whitehead
November 1, 2018
China has not allowed the United Staes a level playing field in many years. Something has to be done.
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