With the rollout of vaccines, a return to normal life may be in sight, but individuals’ comfort levels for different activities vary. A survey by Invisibly asked respondents a series of questions regarding travel, large gatherings and other activities, and whether they were getting back to their normal behaviors or still holding back from resuming them. Despite varying responses, a clear majority (71 percent) of respondents said they will wait six or more months before stopping social distancing.

The survey found that 58 percent of respondents were now willing to travel on an airplane. This is an increase from when the same question was asked nine months ago, when only 33 percent said the same. Also, 22 percent said they would consider going on a cruise compared to 16 percent previously. In contrast, 17 percent of people are now willing to go on a vacation to somewhere with crowds, compared to 21 percent nine months ago.

Invisibly also found that 27 percent of respondents planned on waiting another six months or more to attend a sporting event, compared to 60 percent who said they would wait back in July. Only 15 percent said they would attend a sporting event right now, with the remaining 52 percent saying that they would be comfortable doing so in three to six months.

Asked which activities they are returning to now that they had not been willing to do nine months ago, more than 63 percent of respondents said they were getting haircuts, 61 percent are willing to see the dentist now and 55 percent are willing to return to work in an office and the same percentage is willing to dine in a restaurant. The largest increase in willingness over the last nine months has been in returning to the gym, with 47 percent saying that they would return compared to 30 percent who said so in July of last year.