Most exhibitors—almost 80 percent—use trade shows as an opportunity to build relationships with attendees, reports distributor 4imprint. The Oshkosh, Wisconsin, company’s findings come from a survey of trade show attendees and exhibitors conducted earlier this year.

The survey, which examines how small and large businesses are using promotional giveaways to make connections and promote their products and services at trade shows, also found that 29 percent of respondents attend 11 or more trade shows per year.

“Trade shows are one of the best ways to bring people together,” says Kevin Lyons-Tarr, CEO, 4imprint. “We learned a great deal about how exhibitors make those vital one-on-one connections and the role promotional products play.”

4imprint’s research found that 76 percent of respondents attend trade shows to generate leads, and that tech products are by far the most popular promotional products for trade-show attendees. The survey also found that the most common sales strategy for using promotional products at trade shows is in return for a one-on-one conversation, according to respondents from companies with 50-999 employees.

4imprint has published an ebook, 2018 Trade Show Sales Survey, with further details on the study’s results. It can be downloaded here.