Most consumers have the same expectations from a small business’s website as they do of a site belonging to a larger company. And what will make or break their impressions of a business are up-to-date and accurate information, and good and mobile-friendly design says the “Small Business Consumer Expectations Report” from Waltham, Massachusetts, distributor Vistaprint (PPAI 565755).

Vistaprint surveyed 1,800 U.S. adults on what they’re looking for from a business’s website. More than half, 50.7 percent, said that they do not have lower experience expectations from a small business’s website, compared to large chain. For 49.7 percent of respondents, outdated contact information would be most likely to leave them with a bad impression when visiting a small business’s site. Similarly, 68.4 percent said that up-to-date and accurate website content are the most important factors for a positive experience.

For both questions, mobile-friendly design took second place among consumers: 17.8 percent listed a bad mobile experience as most likely to create a negative impression, and 21.5 percent said a mobile-friendly site was most important to a positive impression. Good overall design is another factor in users’ perceptions—41.8 percent of survey respondents said they were not very likely to purchase something from a small business if it has a poorly designed or unprofessional website. Furthermore, 20.8 percent described themselves as not at all likely.

The survey found a negative impression of a small-business website can have real business implications, with 59.8 percent of respondents saying that it would make them less likely to make a purchase. With timely content ranking highly among website visitors, Vistaprint’s survey asked at what point they would consider content to be outdated. For most respondents, the answer ranged between more than a month old (24.8 percent) and more than six months (28.9 percent).

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