The pandemic did more than lock down businesses temporarily and the long-term effects are still being felt on a global scale. As a result, the promo industry has been grappling with an unprecedented situation in the supply chain that is causing significant material and inventory shortages and delays, and disruptions in shipping and fulfilling orders.

In the latest episode of PPAI PromoTalks, PPB presents "The Supply Chain Crisis: An Open Conversation With Suppliers" featuring Howard Cubberly, general manager of Goldstar Global and David Berger, a partner with Global Promo. The discussion is moderated by Tina Berres Filipski, director of publications and editor at PPAI.

During the 32-minute podcast, Cubberly and Berger share their insights as to what has caused the problem, how suppliers are handling the challenges, what distributors can do and why they think it will alter the industry long-term.

This podcast is sponsored by Kaeser & Blair. It’s free to listen here and on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Access the full library of PPAI PromoTalks podcasts here.