The 53rd Super Bowl is behind us and the New England Patriots have notched another victory. And while this year’s Super Bowl was the lowest-scoring in history, promotional products companies moved full-speed ahead producing branded items for fans eager to celebrate the big win.

Distributor Zuse Printing (PPAI 621824) in Guilford, Connecticut, began printing a 10,000-piece t-shirt order commemorating the win immediately after the game for distribution throughout the state. “After the last pass, we all got into our cars and drove down,” says Zuse National Sales Manager Jesse Mahon speaking to PPB Newslink. “It was pedal to the metal overnight. The first trucks were showing up 1:30 the morning after the Super Bowl and we finished the order by 7 am. We also supply Tom Brady’s personal line and had a 15,000-shirt order for his website. In fact, the shirt Tom Brady wore in today’s parade was one of ours. We had a courier drop it off at his manager’s house at midnight.”

With this being the Patriot’s sixth Super Bowl win and with a few local World Series wins under their belt, Zuse has some experience fulfilling high-profile orders. Mahon says, “We retool everyone’s schedule a little bit. We work overnight into the early morning, take a break for a few hours and then by early afternoon, everyone’s back to their normal schedule. We drink a lot of coffee. People love to do it. Everyone shows up and employees’ friends even show up to help. They come for the experience.”