S&S Activewear (PPAI 256121, S12) has relocated its operations from a 450,000-square-foot distribution center in Bolingbrook, Illinois, to a 750,000-square-foot facility in nearby Lockport, Illinois. The new, sustainability-focused distribution center expands the supplier’s Midwest footprint by 300,000 square feet and brings its nationwide total to 3.5 million square feet.

“This was a wonderful opportunity to build a facility in line with our mission and values statement, which include sustainability objectives,” says S&S Activewear COO Frank Myers. “When we look at any greenfield project, we define a spec that includes all the details and features we require, ranging from more traditional operational items to important energy and sustainability features.”

The company aligned the Lockport facility’s eco-design and characteristics with customers’ desire for environmental stewardship, Myers says. He adds, “There’s no question consumers across all end markets expect their supply chains to be more environmentally focused. The brands we partner with are focused on sustainability, as are we. Our company values having fun—and a big part of that is enjoying the outdoors with our friends, families, vendors and customers. As a company, we’re inspired to operate more responsibly and preserve our environment for future generations.”

Along with solar panels, high-efficiency LED lights with motion sensors throughout the facility will help minimize the company’s carbon footprint, while a radiant heating system and increased airflow will keep staff comfortable throughout the year. S&S Lockport has also become the first distribution center in Illinois to install efficient, hands-free, waterless urinals, which will save up to one million gallons of water each year. Because of the efforts of S&S and Prologis, the facility’s landlord, the distribution center has earned a Silver LEED rating.

“Our Bolingbrook facility was reaching capacity, so we needed to identify a location that could support our increasing demands for space and maintain our current employee base,” says S&S President Jim Shannon. “The Lockport facility provides significantly increased capacity for storage, along with state-of-the-art material-handling automation and technology.”

In addition, the move to Lockport will create an additional 100 jobs at S&S, making a positive economic impact on the local community. Shannon adds, “We're thrilled to create additional jobs in the Lockport area. We take a lot of pride in supporting all of our local communities across the country.”

The Lockport facility was developed with the support and collaboration of S&S’s partners, including Cushman & Wakefield and Prologis. Shannon says, “The state of Illinois, the City of Lockport, Mayor Steve Streit and City Administrator Ben Benson provided us the ability to move in quickly and efficiently. We’re excited to be part of the Lockport community.”