The University of Memphis Fogelman College of Business & Economics has inducted Elizabeth and David Tate, chairman and CEO, and president, respectively, of Memphis, Tennessee, distributor Signet, Inc. (PPAI 101157) to its Hall Of Fame and named them Distinguished Friends Of The College.

David Tate sits on the Board of Trustees of the Promotional Products Education Foundation (PPEF), and Signet sponsors the Promotional Products Education Foundation–Signet Scholarship at Fogelman. In response, the Tates say, “Once we decided to engage with the school, we did so with the entire PPEF University Scholarship model in mind. That model is: scholarship for needs-based students coupled with engagement with the school. The engagement originally took two forms: classroom lectures on our industry and participation at internship fairs. The response with the students, faculty and deans was so successful that they invited us to then sit on panels during their internship fair. After a few of those and further feedback on classroom lectures, they then invited us to sit on their advisory board. Now, our ‘engagement’ with the school has increased to four forms.”

In naming the Tates to its Hall of Fame, the school called out their meaningful dedication to the institution and its students. “While we gave time, talent and money,” the Tates say, “we were recognized among individuals who had sizable and notable careers and had donated big sums to the university. We stood out because we gave more than money. We also gave of ourselves, at least in their eyes.”

The University of Memphis considers classroom lectures and consistent internship fair participation “above and beyond” for its volunteers. “They have people dedicated to advancing and finding careers for their students. When so many students started to learn about an industry that was not on their radar, it motivated faculty and staff to support our efforts even further,” the Tates add.

David Tate says, “Elizabeth is a graduate of the University of Memphis so this was meaningful to her and, due to our engagement, meaningful to me as well. For Signet, we have gained the opportunity to engage with future clients, plus recruit and hire some terrific young people about whom we would normally would have never known.”