Distributor Morel Ink (PPAI 273060), headquartered in Portland, Oregon, is expanding into Eugene with a new print production facility, and bringing on employees from local distributor Shelton Turnbull (PPAI 304737), which is closing.

Shelton Turnbull had been in business for 95 years and offered print services for packing, mailers and promotional products, among other services, to businesses in a wide range of industries.

Speaking to Eugene’s Register-Guard, John Boytz, interim president of Shelton Turnbull, says that Morel Ink is working to get its new facility up and running, and in the interim work will be shifted to Morel Ink’s Portland location. Billing will also be performed in Portland.

Of Shelton Turnbull’s 43 employees, 17 will start immediately with Morel Ink, while more staff members will come onboard as the facility’s equipment comes online.