Staff members at Tulsa, Oklahoma-based supplier Selco (PPAI 113845, S6) recently completed three days of training with the American Watchmakers – Clockmakers Institute (AWCI), a watchmaker training organization.

The training took place in AWCI's state-of-the-art, mobile training lab. The assemblers split into two groups comprised of Selco’s veterans and its newer assemblers. AWCI trained the supplier’s veteran assemblers a few years ago. They spent their time on a few refreshers and quickly moved to learn more about advanced watch movements and handling high-end watches. First-timers got to examine the functionality of watch movements, learn best practices, tool maintenance, and tips and tricks to make their job easier.

"It is a valuable learning experience not only for our assemblers, but also our printers, artists and managers when AWCI comes to train," says Mark Abels, MAS, CEO of Selco. "Our assembly team was very enthusiastic about what they learned, and they were ready to apply it to everyday orders."

Each assembler received a new tool kit curated by the experts at AWCI. Because AWCI can bring their stocked lab with them, the assemblers can try different tools and request their favorites.

"Working with AWCI gave our team a chance to see tools and techniques they did not know existed," says Jerret Donaldson, production manager for Selco. "This experience will not only improve quality, but it will also increase productivity. As a result, we will make this investment annually.”