Scammers May Be Preying On Industry Companies

Fraudulent orders and scams have long been a factor in the promotional products industry. A supplier has reported a new wrinkle on these transactions and has shared its experience with the industry so that peers can be vigilant.

Typically, these order scams pertain to USBs and simple electronics, but this company received three large orders for blank and imprinted umbrellas and ponchos from three different, reputable distributors in one week’s time. The orders seemed suspicious as they were to be shipped to random warehouses rather than end-users. The company investigated, and all three distributors were found to be victims of fraud. The scammers were using the distributors’ names, identifying information and other details. The only difference was an omitted or extra letter in the email addresses.

The company also contacted the warehouses, where employees were unaware of the fraud. The scammers had used stolen DHL accounts to ship products as well. There may be an uptick in such activity, as the warehouse supervisors reported receiving pallets of watches, clothing and other products transported with the DHL accounts.

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Laureen Pugh
April 6, 2018
We receive emails at least 3-4 times a week asking for quotes and inventory on USB's, tee shirts and blue-tooth items. We have been lucky as we always check the address they give us and/or the company name to verify. Most have been vacant lots, or homes. We also tell them they have to pay with cash no cc and that ends that. Thanks for telling us about the scams, it is always great to learn more about them.
LR Silver
April 5, 2018
Almost all the time when someone orders blank merchandise it is a scam. Especially large numbers of resaleable products. Most scammers use a credit card for payment. If you just follow the banks rules and make them ship the goods through common carrier to the address associated with the credit card you will scare away the scammers. They never ship to the address on the card and the bank will not honor the shipment if it does not go to the person on the card should there be a dispute.
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