SAGE and PPAI just wrapped up a successful two-day encore presentation of SAGE Show Virtual, the industry’s largest online event to date. More than 5,300 industry professionals attended the show that featured over 200 virtual booths, on-demand education sessions, a product pavilion and a variety of networking “lounges.”

The inaugural SAGE Show Virtual experience was held on August 18. Due to overwhelming attendance and extremely high demand, two additional show days were added in September to accommodate. SAGE Show Virtual was powered by SAGE’s virtual trade-show platform, featuring new technology developed by SAGE to create an interactive experience tailored specifically to the promotional products industry.

Distributors were able to visit exhibitors’ virtual booths, engage in video calls and live chats with suppliers in real-time, and access product pavilions to explore the hottest product trends. Additionally, with 25 networking lounges hosted by regional associations and distributor groups, attendees were able to interact with their peers and gain valuable industry insights.

"It was very exciting to witness the positive impact SAGE Show Virtual had on our industry," says SAGE President David Natinsky, MAS. "We really wanted to go above and beyond to help our industry thrive, especially during such a critical time. This trade show allowed attendees to network and discover new, trending products while maintaining their health and safety at home.”

The event brought together industry distributors and suppliers from all over the country, virtually, with 115,070 booth visits, 81,837 live chats sent and 1,411 video calls. In addition, there were more than 77,445 product views, 63,151 booth materials accessed and/or downloaded, and 3,271 lounge visits.

On-demand education sessions, provided by SAGE, PPAI and suppliers, were offered throughout each day and received a total of 6,124 unique session visits. With these professional development sessions, distributors were able to explore cutting-edge technology, improve their sales and marketing skills, and learn more ways to promote the growth of their businesses.

“Thank you to all of the distributors, suppliers and sponsors who made SAGE Show Virtual possible,” adds Natinsky. “We couldn’t have done it without you. At such an important time for our industry, SAGE Show Virtual was the perfect opportunity to explore new, trending products, network with industry leaders, and most importantly, re-connect.”