SAGE Mobile Helps Attendees Make The Most Of Expo East

SAGE Mobile and its comprehensive show planner tools are being provided free to all Expo East 2018 attendees. An advanced mobile research and business management solution for the promotional products industry, SAGE Mobile has several features that maximize the Expo East attendee experience at the Atlantic City Convention Center, making it more productive and efficient.

Users can navigate Expo East using the app’s interactive floor plan, create a walk list prior to the show and be guided to each booth on the list based on the most efficient route.

The app also allows users to search for exhibitors by company name, search for products from exhibitors in attendance, and add notes, pictures, video and audio recordings on products and suppliers of interest. And attendees can view the education schedule to plan out their day, then take notes during the sessions and email them to themselves or colleagues.

More information on SAGE Mobile for Expo East, and how to get started with the app, can be found here.

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