SAGE (PPAI 100001) recently rolled out SAGE Online 14, which includes more than 150 new features. The latest version of the Addison, Texas, business service provider’s software includes the debut of the SAGE Print Studio, full payment processing capabilities, as well as hundreds of new user-driven additions, designed to streamline workday efficiency.

SAGE Print Studio is a turnkey printing service for creating and ordering custom catalogs and flyers using predesigned layouts populated with products from the SAGE database, as well as completely custom products and pages.

SAGE President David Natinsky, MAS, says, "Over recent years we've seen a resurgence in print production in our industry, but most printing options available are time-consuming and costly. Our goal with the SAGE Print Studio was to get rid of all the hurdles that come with custom catalogs and flyers. As a distributor, you should be able to create a catalog or a flyer for your customer and get it printed quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively."

Building on its recent partnership with Stripe, an ecommerce provider, SAGE has further streamlined credit card processing by allowing distributors to process payments in SAGE Online using SAGE Payment Processing. This service integrates seamlessly with the CRM and Order Management modules in SAGE Online, making payment processing a part of each ongoing transaction with a client.

Additional key features in the new release include the ability to show presentations on websites with full ecommerce support; the option to translate presentations to French or Spanish; new search criteria including an exact match option for item numbers, a minimum number of reportsoption for supplier ratings and the ability to search from companies that participate in social goodprograms; and detailed customer feedback alerts from presentations on the homepage.

"Our main mission at SAGE has always been to build powerful solutions for the industry that are also easy to use," says Eric Natinsky, SAGE CEO. "With this new update to SAGE Online, we aimed to answer the needs of our customers and provide them with the most up-to-date features to help them stay on top of their business."