SAGE Launches New Insider Program

SAGE has launched its new SAGE Insider Program to give the company’s subscribers an opportunity to influence the vision and future of SAGE products and services. The program gives subscribers a channel to directly communicate with the SAGE development team; exchange ideas, share feedback and learn about upcoming features through a new, member-only SAGE Insider Discussion Group; receive exclusive access to meetings and receptions at various industry events, and get special recognition for maintaining the SAGE Insider Membership; and get the first, inside look into future ideas and development roadmaps for upcoming SAGE products and services.

“Our goal has always been to provide world-class solutions to the professionals in our industry,” says Eric Natinsky, SAGE CEO. “The new SAGE Insider Program will help us gain feedback on key features that enhance user experience, and allow us to ensure that each new product and service is designed with our customers in mind. With your insight, we will continue to bring innovative solutions that can shape the success of promotional products businesses.”

There are no membership fees to join the program, but those interested in becoming a SAGE Insider must have been an active SAGE subscriber for at least one year before being admitted into the program, and SAGE Insiders will be expected to use the company’s products and services frequently and provide routine feedback.

All SAGE Insiders start at the registered level; however, the SAGE development team will periodically invite a very select group of SAGE Insiders to become Elite Level Insiders. This group will be selected based on a variety of factors, including the customer’s experience with SAGE services, and a proven record of providing valuable and productive feedback. All current SAGE beta group members will automatically join as Elite Insiders. The Elite Insider program replaces the previous SAGE beta group. In addition to the standard Insider program benefits, Elite members will also get additional access to confidential long-term plans and early access to new SAGE products and services before they are released to the public.

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