SAGE has added a new social responsibility program search functionality to SAGE Online 14 to connect distributors with industry suppliers contributing to various social causes. This search option connects distributors and suppliers to forward the philanthropic movement occurring in the promotional products industry.

“We all know that social responsibility has been a big topic in our society in the recent past and for good reason. It’s something that SAGE wholeheartedly supports and believes in,” says Eric Natinsky, SAGE CEO. “Our industry is really starting to pick up steam in this area and we could not be more proud to be a part of it by acknowledging suppliers who are supporting these programs and allowing distributors to find them through SAGE Online.”

The new social responsibility program search functionality appears in the product research dashboard in the recently released SAGE Online 14. Distributors can search and/or filter products that are associated with give-back or social responsibility programs by selecting the specific causes that are of interest. Additionally, distributors can search for suppliers who have received a social responsibility certification such as B Corp or who have a social responsibility core value or focus under the supplier search area.

“I believe ‘purpose’ should be the fifth ‘P’ of marketing,” says Danny Rosin, CAS, co-president of Brand Fuel and co-founder of PromoCares. “I imagine a future where salespeople are looking for ways to differentiate through selling purpose and meaning instead of just product. Companies like SnugZ, BIC Graphic, Hirsch Gift, Charles River Apparel, HandStands, Sweda, Trimark and many others offer a suite of products connected to giving. This new search capability by SAGE works in perfect harmony with the efforts of PromoCares, an organization dedicated to connecting promotional product professionals and great causes.”

Roger Burnett, vice president of Branded Logistics and co-founder of PromoCares, adds, “The social responsibility search functionality allows distributors to directly connect with suppliers working with causes like children’s health, homelessness, education, the environment and so many more. There is power in that type of search as it connects more to company missions, passions and beyond. Our mission is to put a greater emphasis on these incredible initiatives happening in the promotional products industry and the new social responsibility program search feature in SAGE Online is a major step forward in doing that.”

Campbell Davis, marketing manager at Sweda, explains that a portion of the proceeds of each Basecamp® product sold is donated to support the Warrior Spirit Retreat. “The proceeds from 2017 Basecamp® sales allowed us to present Dan Nevins, Basecamp® Brand Ambassador and founder of the Warrior Spirit Retreat, with over $100,000,” she says. “Sweda is proud to give back to those who have served our country. We want distributors who share this vision, either directly or on behalf of their clients, to be able to find us and other suppliers like us. We’re absolutely thrilled that SAGE is now allowing these connections to take place.”

PPAI President and CEO Paul Bellantone, CAE, adds, “We’ve seen a great increase in the number of suppliers participating in social responsibility programs, and I think that number will only continue to rise because of how beneficial they are to our communities. We proudly support these initiatives across our industry and are impressed by the commitment of so many suppliers to graciously give back.”