Supplier Royal Industries (PPAI 113838) in Brooklyn, New York, has acquired the promotional products division of Neptune, New Jersey’s Marlo Plastic Products (PPAI 433709).

“Royal and Marlo have been friendly competitors for years, and the decision to sell the promotional products division was an organic conversation,” says Art Livingston, CEO of Marlo Plastic Products. “It kind of just came up, and we both thought it would be a great idea to allow each of us to focus on what we are best at.”

Marlo Plastics will continue to operate and concentrate on diploma covers, lanyards and badge holders, and will be accepting repeat orders on these items only. The company will not sell the balance of its promotional products, as these items will be handled by Royal Industries. Royal Industries has all the files, art, dies, etc. for promotional products previously sold by Marlo.

Marlo can now be reached at c/o Royal Industries, 225 25th Street, Brooklyn, New York 11232; by phone at 718-369-3046, by fax at 718-369-3067; by e-mail at or; and online at