Distributor SwervePoint, LLC (PPAI 336283), a full-service merchandise agency headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, joined buying group Reciprocity Road, bringing the group’s projected sales for 2017 to over $200 million.

Nine businesses now comprise the community known as Reciprocity Road, a consortium of distributors who find resonance around shared values in exceptional design, robust technology, creative merchandising, supporting best-in-class sales teams, and contributing back to their communities through shared charitable initiatives.

“We think there’s something really special going on at Reciprocity Road and we’re thrilled to be part of it,” says Kevin Phoenix, co-founder and principal of SwervePoint.

Fellow Co-Founder and Principal Jamie Mair adds, “The spirit of collaboration was evident from our initial conversations with the partners, and the genuine enthusiasm for the shared mission is inspiring.”

“This was not a decision either of us took lightly; we spent a lot of time considering SwervePoint, and SwervePoint thoroughly explored the option of partnering with Reciprocity," says Robert Fiveash, co-owner and co-president of Brand Fuel, Inc. "After an on-site visit and many discussions involving the principal leaders of both organizations, we came to the unanimous conclusion that SwervePoint possesses the right DNA for Reciprocity Road. Moreover, the value and expertise they bring to our collective knowledge propels Reciprocity to even greater heights than imagined.”

Rod Brown, chief financial officer at MadeToOrder, Inc, says, “The criteria for a Reciprocity Road member involves three key areas: a stellar reputation; proficient, profitable and creative business practices; and a generous corporate spirit. SwervePoint is an obvious partner for Reciprocity, they exceed our requirements and will clearly help fulfill our obligation to our stakeholders and our supplier partners, guaranteeing the fastest return possible.” He adds, “The addition of SwervePoint accelerates that progress. We’re excited about the shared learning ahead of us and the value we can deliver to the entire community.”

The Reciprocity Road collective will be celebrating their one-year anniversary at The PPAI Expo in January.