Reciprocity Road, an alliance of 10 distributors across the U.S and Canada, representing approximately $230 million in promotional products spending, completed its first Road Rally sales event this month in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The event drew more than 120 professionals who spent three days networking, collaborating and learning. Presentations were done by 26 preferred vendors via in‐suite meetings. Additionally, a virtual presentation was included for those who were not able to attend.

The Road Rally kicked off with remarks from PPAI President and CEO Dale Denham, MAS+, during the cocktail party. Denham says, “I had so many meaningful conversations at the Rally. These were all a great reminder of the value of in‐person events. It was great to see so many suppliers and distributors doing business in person. Reciprocity Road did an excellent job, facilitating a valuable and safe event.”

Executive Director Perry Wehrle, MAS, adds, “This week was, without question, a cumulation of 27 months of work for all parties. Our vendor partners and our sales teams deserve credit for investing in this experience. We witnessed the confidence of executing an in‐person event by providing solid leadership and direction for all involved.”

Parker Melvin, Goldstar’s national sales manager, says, “The Rally was the best I’ve ever attended since going over to the dark side in 2019. I knew going in that RR was an elite group, but wow!”

Tom Goos, MAS, president of Image Source, adds, “The Reciprocity Road Rally was one of the best events I have ever attended. We had so many great collisions between our preferred supplier partners, sales teams and owners. I also saw some great relations being built between our Reciprocity Road partner company sales team members. Everyone was so engaged and happy to be in person at a live event. I am already looking forward to our next Reciprocity Road Rally!”