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American Solutions for Business Senior Leadership Members Earn Diversity & Inclusion Certification

American Solutions for Business’ senior leadership team members have completed their Diversity, Equity & Inclusion certification from Stanford University. Through a six-module course, members of American’s highest level of management have set the precedent for their employees by committing over 10 hours per week to create a better understanding of DEI in the workplace.

“The course was much more relevant to the workplace than others that we looked at,” explained Justin Zavadil, President of American. “Not only did we have the opportunity to understand what diversity meant to us individually, but we were also given the opportunity to analyze how it fit into the structure of our organization.”

In addition to interviewing others regarding how DEI has had an impact on their lives, the course also included assignments such as diversifying your workplace and reanalyzing the language of job applications in order to appeal to both masculine and feminine audiences.

“The DEI certification process through Stanford University is outstanding,” expressed Amy Spychalla, VP of Strategic Operations Support. “I’ve been able to take what I’ve learned and apply it to every aspect of my life – both personally and professionally. Our Senior Leadership Team is embracing what we’ve learned and putting it into action.”

ShopWorks Adds Shopping Cart Integration

ShopWorks, a promotional products business software, has added shopping cart integration to their OnSite system’s offerings via their API (application programming interface) integration with SAGE, a leading provider of product research and business management solutions to the promotional products industry.

ShopWorks already allows OnSite customers to source over 1 million promotional products from over 4,300 suppliers through their integration with SAGE. ShopWorks users can paste SAGE product IDs into their OnSite system, and all product details, pricing, and vendor information are transferred with no duplicate data entry.

Now, ShopWorks customers can seamlessly import their shopping cart transactions from their SAGE Website or SAGE Company Stores into their OnSite software, where the order process will be completed. This new integration saves ShopWorks’s customers valuable time and eliminates potential mistakes from rekeying orders.

“We are excited to expand our integration with ShopWorks to help alleviate some pain points for their customers,” said Jarod Thorndike, Vice President of Business Development. “We continuously strive to improve our relationships and build on the comprehensive services we can offer our integrated partners.”

ShopWorks’s OnSite customers will need an active ManageOrders subscription to import transactions from their SAGE shopping carts. They can request their URL details from support@shopworx.com.
For more information on SAGE, ShopWorks’s users can learn more at www.sageworld.com.

St Regis Group Announces Revo Partnership

The St Regis Group and Revo™ are excited to announce a partnership launching on August 2nd 2022. As per terms of the agreement, St Regis will now supply a select range of Revo™ sunglasses to the promotional products industry.

Distributors can now source Revo™ sunglasses directly from the St Regis Group website.

“Revo’s brand story includes fascinating history that led to their revolutionary lens technology. We’re incredibly excited to introduce their line of product to our customers”, says Merrick Falkenstein, CRO of the St Regis Group. “We see amazing potential for this premium brand which is perfect to extend our sunglasses collection”.

In 1985, NASA Astrophysicist and Optical Engineer Dr. Mitch Ruda was working on a project for NASA when he had a simple idea: what if we used the coatings that protect satellites to shield our eyes from the sun? Dr. Ruda uses the NASA-developed protective coatings that protect satellite portholes from space radiation on a pair of sunglasses to protect the eye. With this revolutionary finding, Revo is born. From iconic brand ambassadors to distinguished partners, and innovative technology, Revo™ has become an internationally renowned sunglasses brand. Visit www.stregisgrp.com to browse the Revo™ sunglasses collection.

Founded in 1999, the St Regis Group has grown steadily into North America’s premier supplier of Awards & Recognition, Promotional Products and Corporate Gifts.