Proforma’s CEO Vera Muzzillo and Stan Maxwell, the Cleveland, Ohio-headquartered distributor’s chief strategy officer, have been named to the Suncoast Developers Guild Board. Muzzillo has been named to the Board of Directors, with Maxwell holding a seat on the Board of Advisors.

Suncoast is a collective of software engineers, programmers and designers with thousands of members touching all aspects of technology in Tampa Bay and across the state of Florida. Suncoast’s mission is to provide those seeking an education in software development with the technical and soft skills they need to pursue rewarding careers in technology. Suncoast is also committed to promoting a sense of camaraderie among local technology organizations and supporting members in a way that strengthens the community and promotes the common good.

“Both Vera and Stan were hand-selected due to their demonstrated expertise and strong leadership in technology,” says Toni Warren, Suncoast’s cofounder and president. “They are well known and respected throughout the Tampa Bay area for their team of 75-plus technology professionals and ProVision, Proforma’s proprietary industry-changing technology platform.

“[They] have demonstrated a passion for progress, focus on innovation and commitment to excellence in the local community. They have created a great culture of growth, innovation, employment commitment and continued education. Proforma is a Technology Employer of Choice in the Tampa Bay area, and we are proud to have them as a part of our Boards.”

Muzzillo adds, “Stan and I are both honored to be a part of Suncoast’s innovative approach to expanding technology expertise and education, and we are excited to play a role in supporting the technology communities in the state of Florida.”

Maxwell says, “As Proforma continues to lead the technology revolution in the print, promotional products, and packaging industry, we share common values with the Suncoast executive team to strengthen the technology community within the Tampa Bay region. It is rewarding to collaborate with one of the premier technology leaders in the region to further all of our common goals.”