Proforma (PPAI 196835, D13) has announced a free fundraising program for local organizations that need help or want to help their employees or community. Through the Cleveland, Ohio-headquartered distributor’s proprietary online pop-up stores, local organizations like restaurants, retailers, nonprofits and more can sell branded merchandise to raise money.

William M. Resnick, owner of Proforma Printing and Promotion, has already helped a local restaurant accomplish a fundraising effort to support and feed its surrounding community. Through Proforma’s Community Fundraising Program, Resnick was able to provide a free online fundraising store that resulted in more than $6,000 in merchandise sales for the restaurant.

“It’s incredible to see the impact our affiliate owners are making with this program,” says Proforma CEO Vera Muzzillo, CAS. “Bill’s story is a prime example of why we love what we do here at Proforma. In launching this program, we feel that many affiliate owners will be able to provide the necessary products and solutions to help local organizations thrive and support their own communities during these times and beyond.”

The Community Fundraising Program provides affiliate owners a way to use Proforma’s ecommerce solution platform, ProStores, to create a free online storefront for organizations’ local fundraising initiatives. By creating an online storefront, local restaurants, retailers and other organizations can sell their own branded merchandise to raise money and continue generating revenue to support their businesses, employees and local communities in need.