Proforma Affiliate Owners Win $12 Million Ecommerce Contract

Proforma affiliate owners Kristen Scotto and Rick Royall of Proforma Scotto Promotions have won a three-year, $12 million contract with one of the nation’s largest automotive tire marketers. After assessing the client’s needs for an online platform that could process promotional product and apparel orders across nearly a dozen national tire brands, Scotto teamed up with fellow Million Dollar Club Member and affiliate owner Royall, who had extensive experience with online stores and national accounts.

“We would not have won this account without the strategic guidance from our business development and vendor development teams,” says Royall. “Proforma played an integral role in helping us develop our strategy, proposal and overall value proposition to help us win the business.”

The technology team for Proforma (PPAI 196835, D13) worked with Scotto and Royall to ensure their online store was capable of automating inventory management for over 11,400 employees daily.

Scotto notes that within the first month since its launch, the online store has already generated over $200,000 in sales. She says, “It is no surprise that ecommerce solutions will control the future of our industry. Proforma’s technology solutions and resources have allowed Rick and me to offer the great product selections, faster deliveries and increased efficiencies that our clients are looking for. To combat competition in today’s world, you have to consistently stay ahead of the curve, and Proforma ensures we’re always one step ahead. It is also helpful to be a part of an organization with the largest group of million and multi-million dollar owners. Rick and I got to know each other through Proforma’s Million and Multi-Million Dollar Club. I could not have won this without Rick’s help.”

Proforma CEO Vera Muzzillo says, “Business success powered by technology isn’t just a claim we make, it’s a promise we keep. Our steadfast values have always included maximizing the success of our affiliate owners, but we are now looking towards a technology-driven future and will continue to invest in the technology solutions that allow our affiliate owners to secure these accounts. In an industry that changes as rapidly as ours, technology is here to stay, and we’re committed to evolving our solutions just as quickly.”

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