Promotional Products Professionals of Canada (PPPC) is accepting nominations for its Hall of Fame, Humanitarian and Momentum Awards. The awards, along with PPPC’s Product Awards, will be presented at its Virtual Holiday Showcase. Nominations for all three awards are due by June 30.

The PPPC’s Hall of Fame celebrates selfless efforts and devotion to the industry. The promotional products industry has grown and prospered because of the creative spark and dedication of many. However, there are some individuals whose dedication is monumental. Click here for more information on the PPPC Hall of Fame.

The PPPC’s Humanitarian Award is presented to individuals who have demonstrated the spirit of humanity through volunteer work, advocacy, leadership and/or philanthropy in their community or around the world. Humanitarian acts are considered those which benefit people or groups outside of the nominee’s own company. Click here for more information on the Humanitarian Award.

The PPPC Momentum Award was established to recognize innovative members of the promotional products industry who have challenged and improved conventional methods. Click here for more information on the Momentum Award.