(From left) Dana Floyd Porter, CAS, SAGE, 2018 Vice Chair- Fundraising; Wayne Greenberg, MAS, JB of Florida/Geiger, 2018 Chair; Pat Dugan, MAS, Budgetcard, 2017 Immediate Past Chair; Bob McLean, PPAI; Stephanie Preston, HALO Branded Solutions, 2017 Vice Chair-Marketing & Recognition and 2018 Vice Chair- Scholarship; Brian Porter, Pro Towels, Kanata & Superior Decorating, 2017 Vice Chair- Scholarship and 2018 Chair Elect; Lori Bauer, BIC Graphic, 2017 Chair; Drew Davis, MAS, Specialty Incentives, 2017 & 2018 Vice Chair- Strategic Planning & Budget; Paula Shulman, CAS, Prime Resources, 2017 Vice Chair- Fundraising; Paul Bellantone, CAE, PPAI, PPEF Secretary/Treasurer; and Sara Besly, PPEF Manager.

This week PPAI hosted a visit from the Promotional Products Education Foundation’s (PPEF) executive committee at the Association’s Irving, Texas, headquarters. Members of PPEF’s 2017 and newly-elected 2018 executive committees met to develop plans and a budget for 2018 as well as engage in long-term strategic planning on the direction of PPEF. The final plans from the two-day session will be submitted to the PPEF Board of Trustees for approval.

PPEF’s 2018 executive committee will take office after the PPEF meeting at The PPAI Expo 2018 in January. Its members are:

Wayne Greenberg, MAS, Chair
Lori Bauer, Immediate Past Chair
Brian Porter, Chair Elect
Drew Davis, Vice Chair – Strategic Planning & Budget
Dana Floyd Porter, Vice Chair – Fundraising
David Grobisen, Vice Chair – Marketing & Recognition
Stephanie Preston, Vice Chair – Scholarship
Paul Bellantone, CAE, Secretary/Treasurer