PPAI Signs Onto Coalition Letter Supporting USTR Nomination

PPAI has joined almost 170 trade associations in signing onto an Americans For Free Trade coalition letter to the ranking members of the Senate Finance Committee in support of the nomination of Katherine Tai to become the next U.S. Trade Representative (USTR).

“Ms. Tai is eminently qualified to craft a comprehensive, thoughtful and strategic approach to U.S. trade policy that helps fuel a successful economic recovery for American families, workers and businesses,” the letter reads. “We urge the Senate Finance Committee to advance Ms. Tai’s nomination expeditiously, and we urge the full Senate to vote on her confirmation without delay.”

The letter also highlights several issues that will be on the USTR’s plate once in office, including difficulties and uncertainty from the ongoing economic harm caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. It notes, “As American businesses try to implement and sustain a full and successful recovery, they need as much certainty as possible. That certainty can be provided in many ways, including by collaborating with our trading partners and allies to address violations of U.S. trade law and by negotiating trade agreements that open markets for—rather than trigger retaliation against—American exporters and the tens of millions of American workers who rely on export markets around the world.”

It further emphasizes that the U.S. needs a cohesive and strategic policy to take on China’s unfair trading practices but does not cause collateral damage to American families, workers and businesses as this is vital to easing existing financial pain and providing certainty that can help fuel a successful recovery. Over the past several years, American businesses and families have been assessed more than $85 billion in additional tariffs. The Americans For Free Trade letter says, “The development of a comprehensive China strategy, the opening of markets to U.S. goods and services, the enforcement of U.S. trade agreements, and a meaningful review of the negative impact tariffs have had on American families, workers and businesses—all of which will help provide certainty and support a successful U.S. economic recovery—cannot happen without a confirmed U.S. Trade Representative in place.”

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