PPAI Diversity Development and Engagement Manager Seth Barnett speaks to an audience of business students while in Idaho.

PPAI Diversity Development and Engagement Manager Seth Barnett was on the road last week in the Northwest, speaking to industry companies and organizations in the region, and lecturing at area universities.

Barnett began his trip in Boise, Idaho, where on September 13 he met with staff of In The Bag Promotions—an eight-person distributorship whose median employee age is 29—to discuss the company’s goals for future growth and productivity.

Later that day, Barnett joined classes at Boise State University and the College of Western Idaho. At Boise State, Barnett was invited to lecture at a senior-level consumer behavior course on the fields of research in human behavior and economics that lead to the development of the diversity development program at PPAI. He also introduced the promotional products industry through examples of integrated marketing mix throughout advertising that utilize promotional products. At the College of Western Idaho, Barnett joined a business management course to speak on similar topics as well as the importance of leadership within organizations.


Barnett speaks at NWPMA's Fall Showcase.

Wrapping up his time in Idaho, Barnett spoke as part of the Boise Young Professionals speaker series about the value of generational cooperation in the development of good business practices. The event was attended by 40 young professional leaders from the Boise area.

From Boise, Barnett traveled to Everett, Washington, for the Northwest Promotional Marketing Association’s (NWPMA) 2016 Fall Showcase. On September 15, speaking as part of the event’s professional development offerings, Barnett presented two sessions—Millennials: Attract, Engage, Retain and The Professional Life of a Millennial: Selling To A New Market. The sessions explored identifying and recruiting Millennial talent and how to sell into the market.