Danielle Renda, associate editor of PPB, visited four suppliers in the Greater Cincinnati area last week to learn more about the history of the companies, their products and services, and the projects they’ve worked on. Among these companies was The Allen Company (PPAI 113879, S6), based in Blanchester, Ohio, as it celebrated 60 years in business on September 26 with lunch and company tours running throughout the day. Leading the family-owned company through this major milestone [read more in Profile in PPB’s October 2019 issue] are CEO Allen Dohan and his sons, Stan Dohan, MAS, president, and Preston Dohan, quality control manager.  Renda met with the Dohans and others on the team (pictured above) during her visit. When asked how it feels to be celebrating 60 years in business, Allen Dohan simply smiled and said, “It’s a proud feeling.

The Allen Company was founded in 1959—Allen joined the company in 1973—and specializes in drinkware with decoration processes that include disappearing ink, satin etch and iridescent/simulated blending. The company is also known for its patented spinner mug: a custom bead fitted onto a watch pin and placed into the handle of a coffee mug for personalization and movement. Displayed in the lobby of The Allen Company is a selection of products the supplier has customized over the years, including a number of custom mugs to promote the candidates in the 2016 presidential election. Over the past 12 years, the supplier has won 36 international decorating awards, including the PPAI Supplier Star Award and PPAI Best Catalog.

Renda also had the opportunity to visit supplier Osborne Coinage Co. (PPAI 112620, S3) on September 25, to learn about the rich history of the custom coin manufacturer. She met with Gibson Olpp, marketing manager at Osborne Coinage Co. (pictured above), among others. The company, based in Cincinnati, was founded in 1835 as the Z. Bisbee Co., and is the country’s oldest, private mint. Products include custom coins and medallions, awards and gifts, key tags and tokens, as well as collectibles under the Osborne Mint banner. Once a provider of food rationing tokens during World War II—which are on display at the company’s headquarters—and a provider of political coins for presidential candidates, Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant and Franklin D. Roosevelt, Osborne Coinage also makes tokens for use at arcades, casinos, amusement parks and for mass transit; commemorative coins recognizing markers or milestones; doubloons used at Mardi Gras in New Orleans; and, of course, promotional coins, including the 17 million coins distributed in General Mills cereal boxes to promote the 1996 Olympic Games. The coinsare decorated using 210 tons of force and are essentially indestructible, offering years of promotional use and sentimental value for the end user.

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