Throughout Promotional Products Work! Week, PPAI is honoring the achievements and innovation of the industry by recognizing and celebrating the 2019 PPAI Pyramid Award winners in marketing promotions. Today’s issue of PPB Newslink highlights the work of those who took home Pyramid Awards for their supplier sales support materials. Sometimes referred to as end-buyer sales and marketing aids and distributor sales and marketing aids, these are materials created by suppliers to assist distributors in selling their products.

Supplier sales support materials are suitable for distributor showrooms and sales calls, and can include product samples, catalogs, case studies, solution-based selling tips and literature.

Winners in these categories for the 2019 PPAI Pyramid Awards include Raining Rose, for its polished “pitch-in-box” featuring samples of the company’s products; Global Promo for its video card, complete with high-definition LCD; and Spector & Co. for its Ashbury backpack marketing aid.

To view all the 2019 PPAI Pyramid Award Winners in the supplier sales support material categories and other winning campaigns, click here. And learn more about the Pyramid Awards best marketing award winners in the May issue of PPB.